Carroll Communications Key Team Members

Mr. Byron Doc Carroll, President

Byron “Doc” Carroll lives in the North Myrtle Beach, SC area with his family at their 8 generation vineyard. He loves to make new friends and has a deep passion for service to our country. This passion led him to found Carroll Communications.

Carroll Communications is an SDVOSB, HUBZone VAR of General Dynamics Mission Systems that has recently entered into the DoD’s Mentor protégé Program with GD-MS.  The company’s core business focus is supplying the US federal government with the IT and communications products and services it needs.

As a veteran, that he believes that service to the country is a lifelong commitment.  Mr. Carroll has served as a soldier, civic leader, and professionally as a federal supplier.  He started the parent company to Carroll Communications in 2006.

Mr. Carroll Is a Paul Harris Fellow. He was decorated as a Paratrooper Combat Medic in the US Army. Received Congressional Recognition for his service in 2012.  Mr. Carroll won the NC state masters division public speaking competition, twice. His awards include Army Achievement Medal x3, NC Junior Chamber VP of the Year, Multination PeaceKeeper, HBA SPIKE, HJC All-Star of the Year, Certified Prime Business Trainer.  He is also an avid outdoorsman.

“Getting the right equipment into the hands of the warfighters is our first priority!” – Byron Carroll

Mr. Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan, is a 35-year Navy veteran who served in both enlisted and officer ranks through a variety of operator, technician, manager, administrative, and executive leadership positions throughout his career. He has been stationed on a Knox-class FF, a Spruance-class DD, three Aegis CGs, and two Nimitz CVNs, his last sea tour as commissioning Combat Systems Officer of the USS GEORGE H W BUSH.


Bob has experience in a wide spectrum of communications equipment in the MF-EHF world, Interior Communications (SPP/IVCS), SITE, Ethernet/Fiber/WIFI unclassified and multi-classified LAN/WANs, RADARS (2D/3D air-search, surface, air-control, and automatic landing systems), RF/SAT/Inertial/RLG Navigation systems, CIWS, SeaSparrow and RAM weapon systems and yes..even good ole POTS.


Bob, as commissioning Commanding Officer of the Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit Great Lakes, helped usher in the second phase of the Navy’s Revolution In Training. He took his command from a primary self-paced Computer Based Training format to focus more heavily, using principles from the Science of Learning, on the use of an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), Simulation, Hands-on, and instructor-led topics. All of these helped to decrease student under instruction time while increasing the much-needed apprentice-level trained ET, FC, GM, IC, OS, BM, and QM ratings to the Fleet.


He is published in Fathom and Ship’s Safety Bulletin articles.

Bob brings a passion for electronics and technology to Carroll Communications. And enjoys being a part of the cutting-edge technologies of today and the tie-in to the legacy products which evolved them.

Mr. Don Grannan

Colonel Don Grannan joins the team as a 34-year veteran of the US Air Force.  A career IT professional, he recently served as the Director of Communications and Chief Information Officer for Air Mobility Command at Scott AFB, IL.  There, he directed programs for IT and communications for 13 global AMC bases and en-route locations as well as the US Transportation Command’s 4 global data centers.  He also previously commanded the 88th Communications Group at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; the 379th Expeditionary Communications Squadron at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar; and the 51st Combat Communications Squadron at Robins AFB GA.  He has served staff tours at the Pentagon on the Joint Staff and Air Staff, and at Air Education and Training Command Headquarters at Randolph AFB, TX.


Don earned his BS degree from Wayland Baptist University and also holds an MA in Org Management from George Washington University as well as an MS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.  He also holds an MA degree from Air University at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and an MS degree from the National Defense University at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Tony Piacente

Mr. Tony Piacente AKA "The Machine" has over 30 years in BD/sales, and the last 20 years in Information Technology solutions, selling into the Federal Government. Tony started out in inside sales for the firearms manufacturer, Beretta USA. From there, Tony entered Federal Sales, selling to the Feds, mainly focusing on DoD, USDA, and NIH. The next 15 years selling Audio/Visual Integration and Video Conferencing solutions to the Federal Government and has touched most of the agencies inside the Federal Government, with most of his business coming from DoD, DOJ, DHS, and State Dept. Physical Security solutions followed, selling mainly to the US Army. Tony enjoys working with SDVOSB, HUBZone, Small Contractor market and sells our wide variety of solutions (from IT to Construction to Medical solutions), and IT contracts, into the Federal Government.

Tony is a results-oriented, sales-focused, and customer-driven, competitive professional with a strong work ethic. His extensive experience has enabled him to gain an excellent relationship with customers (CO’s, SB Specialists, End Users, etc), manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, and Prime/Sub-contractors. Tony resides in the DC Metro area.

Ms. Heidi Egusquiza

With more than 15 years as a technology enabler in the government IT space, Ms. Egusquiza has specialized with government GWAC, IDIQ, and BPA. Ms. Egusquiza’s client base has included nearly all Federal Civilian agencies as well as the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense. With a particular interest in the government’s current category management initiative, Ms. Egusquiza sees the movement to “best in class” as an opportunity to cultivate innovative ideas to provide targeted solutions for today’s communications, security, and IT challenges.


The complexity of today’s challenges requires our team to maintain an established network of hardware, software, and services solutions providers, and lengthy relationships with key partners. Investing in key infrastructure like today’s fiber optic solutions which go well beyond the cable, or replacing aging communications equipment when manufacturer support has ended, or providing an all-in-one physical and network security, or even finding ways to bring connectivity to rural areas around the world – these are Ms. Egusquiza’s focus areas, with an eye on providing the right solution, at the right value, at the right time – and on contract.


If there is a critical need, and the budget is not there, let’s tackle that. If there is uncertainty about what solutions are available for a problem, or if there is curiosity about what else is out there, that is the moment for collaboration. Let’s talk about getting the right tools into the right hands, right away.

Mr. Danny Ammons

Mr. Danny Ammons COO, Director and Navy Special Operations

Mr. Ammons is an 18-veteran Navy veteran who served in both enlisted and officer ranks with Special Warfare and Expeditionary Forces throughout his career.  He has been stationed with multiple teams in Little Creek, VA, Coronado, CA, and Dam Neck, VA.  His tours in the military include deployments to Bosnia, Somalia, the only Navy Advisor to 2ndBattalion, 5th and 10th Special Forces Groups in Iraq, Officer-In-Charge of 4 Teams in Africa, Maritime Affairs Officer Africa, and ST1 Golf Platoon Yemen.

Danny has experience in a wide array of tactical equipment on the battlefield such as night vision devices (scopes & goggles), infra-red aiming devices, thermal optical devices, non-lethal training rounds, non-lethal crowd control devices, and multiple other types of tactical equipment.


Danny has trained and worked with military and law enforcement personnel in 7 different countries and continues to train law enforcement across the United States.  Danny is passionate about delivering life-saving training to individual or military/law enforcement personnel that will save their lives in a confrontation.  His methods are driven by three elements: reality-based, student-focused, and combat-proven. 

Mr. Brant Rosson

Brant Rosson has been an IT Professional for 20 years with a wide range of design and implementation experience.  His work background includes duties of ISP system administration,  where he set up and managed 2 ISP companies, performed server installations, maintenance, and upgrades.  


Brant has managed a 13 site WAN for a school system that included 12 schools and a central office.  He performed large-scale deployments of workstations in addition to server upgrades and expansions. He also was in charge of managing and maintaining about 1200 pcs on this network.


Brant has installed and managed several manufacturers and types of phone systems.  In summary, Brant is able to handle a customer from the sale to the completion of the installation of many IT products on the market. He has a vast understanding of how technology systems work together to provide seamless solutions to the end-user 


Certifications Held

• MCSE, CCNA, Cisco Sales Expert, CNA, A+, Net+, Inet+, Certified HP repair Tech, ONQ, Leviton,  Hti+

Mr. George Dallas

George Dallas Ph.D. is a native of Niantic, CT. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1992 with a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary material science and engineering (MESC). He initially worked in industry and then on his own doing polymer research and development, while also managing a polymer characterization lab for one of his employers.

His hands-on experience is from intellectual property to sales of disruptive products. The core of his work focuses on solving difficult systems problems that include elastomers or plastics. To accomplish this he has developed a technique called structured research. This methodical approach includes both the part and the system to increase the likelihood of success. This approach is further refined by following the input energy to understand what needs to be optimized, the material, structure, or both. This approach has been used in many areas such as

  • Military

  • Medical

  • Aerospace

  • Electronics

  • Legal and

  • Consumer Products


The core of his talent is in elastomers for highly loaded dynamic applications and he continues to work on more challenging projects. 

Fletcher W. Ferguson, Jr.

Born 2 January 1952, he grew up and attended primary and secondary school in Abbeville, SC. Following graduation from high school, he entered The Citadel in Charleston, SC, graduating in 1974 and accepting a commission in the United States Marine Corps. He began his Marine Corps career as an infantry officer, later attending flight school where he became a helicopter pilot. During his thirty-year Marine Corps career he served at stations in the United States, Japan, and aboard US Navy ships in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Caribbean Sea. While assigned as a flight instructor in Pensacola, Florida, he attended Troy State University and earned a Master’s Degree. His duty assignments included tours as an infantry officer, assault support helicopter pilot, flight instructor, squadron commander, and finished his career as a Colonel serving as the Military Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Navy.


After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2004, he began recreational scuba diving and advanced to the rating of Rescue Diver. In 2006 he joined the Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. in Clarksville, MD, and began service as a Public Safety Diver and firefighter. He continued advancing his diving certifications, becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in 2008 and a PADI Public Safety Diver Instructor in 2011. Following successful completion of the PADI Course Director Training Course in June 2015, he earned the rating of PADI Course Director, the highest professional rating in recreational scuba diving. In addition to the full range of PADI courses through Instructor Development, he teaches 23 PADI Specialty Courses, two PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses, and is a PADI Instructor Trainer in 20 PADI Specialty/Distinctive Specialty courses. He is an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, an instructor with the Handicapped Scuba Association International, and an Instructor Trainer for the full range of Divers Alert Network courses.

Carroll Communications

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Longs, SC 29568

Cage Code: 7HK58

Local Offices located in DC, FL, ID, NC, OH, and TX

For More Information Please call or write:

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Corporate Headquarters is just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC within a HUB Zone.

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