Mr. Mariano Terriazas

Inside Sales

A US Navy veteran, he recently joined the Carroll Communications Team after

completing his Bachelors in International Relations at Columbia University in the City of

New York. He has an interest in international business, beginning at JLL New York City

as he worked with international investors on the Empire State Building.

Mariano is committed to providing a broader service, diversifying the traditional offering

of buying and selling technology. This diversity translates to the range of skill sets that

includes strong communication skills and technical expertise. Asked about a defining

moment in his working life, he credits a secondment to a high-profile employer early in

his career to teaching him the value, and skill, of building relationships.

Outside the day job, Mariano is an avid traveler. He has visited nearly 30 countries and

has lived in the Amazon jungle in Peru and walked the Camino De Santiago in Spain.

He speaks Spanish and is an intermediate level speaker in French.

Away from work, Mariano indulges in his passion for music, gym and all things outdoors.