Mr. Brant Rosson

Brant Rosson has been an IT Professional for 20 years with a wide range of design and implementation experience. His work background includes duties of ISP system administration, where he set up and managed 2 ISP companies, performed server installations, maintenance, and upgrades.

Brant has managed a 13 site WAN for a school system that included 12 schools and a central office. He performed large-scale deployments of workstations in addition to server upgrades and expansions. He also was in charge of managing and maintaining about 1200 pcs on this network.

Brant has installed and managed several manufacturers and types of phone systems. In summary, Brant is able to handle a customer from the sale to the completion of the installation of many IT products on the market. He has a vast understanding of how technology systems work together to provide seamless solutions to the end-user

Certifications Held

• MCSE, CCNA, Cisco Sales Expert, CNA, A+, Net+, Inet+, Certified HP repair Tech, ONQ, Leviton, Hti+