Ms. Heidi Egusquiza

With more than 15 years as a technology enabler in the government IT space, Ms. Egusquiza has specialized with government GWAC, IDIQ, and BPA. Ms. Egusquiza’s client base has included nearly all Federal Civilian agencies as well as the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense. With a particular interest in the government’s current category management initiative, Ms. Egusquiza sees the movement to “best in class” as an opportunity to cultivate innovative ideas to provide targeted solutions for today’s communications, security, and IT challenges.

The complexity of today’s challenges requires our team to maintain an established network of hardware, software, and services solutions providers, and lengthy relationships with key partners. Investing in key infrastructure like today’s fiber optic solutions which go well beyond the cable, or replacing aging communications equipment when manufacturer support has ended, or providing an all-in-one physical and network security, or even finding ways to bring connectivity to rural areas around the world – these are Ms. Egusquiza’s focus areas, with an eye on providing the right solution, at the right value, at the right time – and on contract.

If there is a critical need, and the budget is not there, let’s tackle that. If there is uncertainty about what solutions are available for a problem, or if there is curiosity about what else is out there, that is the moment for collaboration. Let’s talk about getting the right tools into the right hands, right away.